Cutler & Company is a Melbourne-based firm that provides specialist consulting advice, counsel and practical support in the areas of:

to a wide range of organisations, both in Australia and overseas, in the converging communications and media markets.

Cutler & Company has established a proven international standing in the industry through the application of expert commercial and regulatory knowledge and an ability to successfully reach creative and workable outcomes. To support its client relationships, the firm operates with an extended network of affiliated consultants and analysts, whose expertise can be drawn upon for particular projects and specialised tasks.

Cutler & Company offers its clients the latest thinking from around the world on the technical, regulatory and commercial aspects of the converging communications market. The integration of these different aspects produces balanced judgement and advice that is not limited to the perspective of a single market or one particular segment of the sector. Further, the firm has worked extensively in both developed and developing countries which provides Cutler & Company with a unique perspective that help us work to solutions that are both customised and world competitive.