Innovation and Creativity

For the past few years Terry Cutler has been actively promoting new thinking about innovation and creativity. Significant speeches and presentations are available here for downloading.

The innovation imperative

Embracing the Future: Innovation and Higher Education [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler
National University Finance and Procurement Conference, Sydney
August 2013

Are we innovating enough? [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler
Edited and expanded version of an address given at Oracle Thought Leaders lunch, Canberra
19 August 2011

Innovation in times of recession [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler
Expanded notes for a speech at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
31 March 2009

Innovation with boldness [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler
Published in Fast Thinking's Innovation 2008 report,
February 2009

Obama's innovation agenda
Dr. Terry Cutler
Published in Business Spectator
29 January 2009

Venturous Australia - building strength in innovation: Deloitte Australia Insights podcast
[website - opens in new window]

Interview with Dr Terry Cutler
"Immediately following the launch of 'Venturous Australia'- the comprehensive report on innovation in Australia - Gerhard Vorster, Managing Partner Consulting and leader of Innovation at Deloitte talks with Dr Terry Cutler, the Chairman of the National Innovation Review on what it means to government, to business and to individual Australians."

Alliances for innovation and economic development: The Australian experience. [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
A Report for the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC),
Note that this report predated the National Innovation Review, and the wealth of information contained in the submissions.

The Australian innovation challenge [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
AVCAL luncheon address, Melbourne,
24th August 2007

Innovation Forums - Proceedings

Innovation & Procurement Policy [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
Proceedings of the forum in Canberra,
3rd October 2007

Meeting the challenges - Developing an Innovation Action Agenda [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
Summary of proceedings from the Melbourne Forum,
December 2006

Innovation Leadership Summit - Forum Report [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
Report on the Brisbane Innovation Leadership Summit,
26th October 2006

A creative community

Creativity, the arts and innovation [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
A Currency House Conversation, Sydney Opera House,
19th August 2008

Creative Communities [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
An address at the Union Club, Sydney,
20th March 2004

The Challenge of Creativity [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
Occassional address, conferral of honorary doctorate, Queensland University of Technology
4 Februrary 2003

Information Policy

Innovation and open access to public sector information [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
Australian National Summit on Open Access to Public Sector Information, Brisbane,
July 2007

Creative Content and the failures of public IP policy [pdf]
Dr Terry Cutler
January 2005

Innovation hubs and precincts

The role of precincts in innovation systems - an overview [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler

Precinct or corridor developments remain in vogue across Australia, although the impetus may range from urban renewal, investment attraction into industrial districts or clusters, to the promotion of research and innovation hubs.

The role of precincts in innovation systems [pdf]
Dr. Terry Cutler

The idea and appeal of location-based development zones or innovative precincts has persisted in industry policy. There is, however, remarkable little discussion in the literature of the function and distinctive features of such development precincts.